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Our value proposition stretches beyond capital investment. 

Our Services

Strategic Venture Investments

We strategically deploy our capital to enable and help top-tier Blockchain projects accomplish all milestones on their road map. Catena is synonymous with high quality of advisory and assistance throughout the lifecycle of a project.


We have acquired a creative agency with the primary purpose to help the projects we invest in with their marketing. Specialised in user acquisition and community building by utilising digital marketing channels. 

Blockchain Advisory

The code is the core backbone of every blockchain project. We have a network of blockchain developers ready to help you with your projects code, audit or peer review. 

Strategic Advisory

The strategy behind the deployment of a project is a predetermining factor of success. Therefore our network of strategic advisors is always on standby to help you with aspects ranging from regulatory strategies to token economics or business development.

We have your best interest at heart.

We aim for our contribution to be as positive and impactful as it can be. We stress this point since it is derived from the core values we possess as a venture capital firm. Thanks to our abilities, we want to be the helping hand to blockchain adoption.​

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