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Discretionary investing in promising new blockchain protocols at seed or private sale stages. 

Early-Stage Token Fund

Catena’s early-stage token fund offers investors the possibility to invest in and gain exposure to very early-stage blockchain startups before their public token offering on exchanges. 


Early-stage investments are often accompanied with significant token discounts or bonuses. However, it's important to note that there are also vesting schedules in place which limit the liquidity horizons for the projects. The vesting schedule is decided by the project according to their individual token economics. 


Projects are thoroughly researched by the Catena team and then an educated decision is made in regards to the investment terms concerned with the allocation size and vesting schedule. 


Investors who registered their interest in Catena’s Early-Stage Token Fund get notified when a new opportunity arises and are then further informed about the project and investment terms. 


March 2021

Management Fee


Performance Fee


Minimum Investment

Not Specified


Per project basis


Per project basis

Summary of Terms

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