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Future oriented blockchain investments. 

We specialise in advisory and smart money investment's into early-stage blockchain startups. 


We position your 

project into the epicentre of all thinking.

Value is the main component we strive to deliver, we aim to provide your project with the catalysts that help your visions to succeed.

Venture Investment 

We invest in teams that are building the future of blockchain. 

Blockchain Advisory

We house a team of smart contract developers & auditors who are ready to help you. 

Project Marketing

We have acquired a

full-service creative agency to help your project with marketing. 

Strategic Advisory

We will connect you with valuable contacts that can fuel your future growth. 


Our vision for the future,

starts with your success.

Our value-additions to early-stage projects are based on helping great teams succeed, providing support throughout the entire lifecycle, and making sure the team’s roadmap is constantly in the upwards trajectory. 


Capital is the initial part of the process, but it does not end there. After our investment, we provide projects with a strategic advisory in regards to the challenges they might face. Including solving regulatory requirements in certain jurisdictions, product planning, token economics, technological troubleshooting, smart-contract auditing, marketing, business development. 


After launch, we provide further help with building a community and try to help projects secure listings on first-tier exchanges. Our main goal is to provide help throughout the entire lifecycle. 


Our numbers


Years of Experience


Strategic Advisors


Project Investments


Advisor Roles


Project Incubations


Our Portfolio

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Early stage investments with long term horizons. 

The idea of long term investments, fuel our ambition to continuously look for ways in which we can leverage our network and expertise to help great projects. 

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